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Savor The Many Flavors of Colorado

EDM and Andron Anomaly

Since settling into Denver in early 201 2, Andron Anomaly, formally known as Kid Optimus has played multiple shows across Denver and surrounding Cities. This has included shows with many local production companies including MP3J, That's Sick!, Vertigo Ent., Vibal Funktions, Diluzional Ent., and K&C Ent. His current residency with SMB Entertainment has given him nights playing at number one club in the country, Beta Nightclub, as well as a number of other nightclubs, festivals, and events all over the front range.  

Mexican Independence Day

We have a surprise visit from mutual friends of Servicios De La Raza.  Mexicans celebrate their country’s Independence Day with fireworks, parties (fiestas), food, dance and music on September 16. Flags, flowers and decorations in the colors of the Mexican flag – red, white and green – are seen in public areas in cities and towns in Mexico. Whistles and horns are blown and confetti is thrown to celebrate this festive occasion. "Viva Mexico" or "Viva la independencia” are shouted amidst the crowds on this day. 

A Sprinkle of Bollywood

Deepali Lindblom and Roshni.

Roshni was borne of a vision to Entertain and Enlighten!

Thus, on June 20th, the participants of InTandem will perform their Dance of Empathy to celebrate World Refugee Day. The event will also see some inspiring speakers as well as a proclamation from Governor John Hickenlooper. Roshni strongly believes that every refugee deserves a chance for a future, specially the children and youth. Because they are the future.

InTandem, is about inclusion, solidarity and empathy. It is about evoking confidence in our cultural legacy, civic pride, increased democratic values and participation.

DJ mLe

DJ mLe arrived into the electronic dance music scene in the early 90’s. The first nu skool breakbeat record she ever heard captured her soul, and soon DJ MLe was born with a unique ear for the broken beat. After learning how to work the decks, she emerged quickly in the Denver club scene as one of Colorado’s best in town. She obtained a weekly residency in the basement at Denver’s Club Vinyl, and soon was given her own weekend Friday night headlining slot. During her time at Vinyl, she had the opportunity to open up for and play alongside the worlds very best Dj’s and producers.  

Nyki Flyin

Nyki Flyin and friends along with guest singers perform amazing songs  on the streets of Denver Colorado regularly. A friend was visiting and filming street bucket drummers when he kept walking by and stopping to hear her sing. I promised I'd stop by and film a video, so my last night there, at 1:30 AM after she'd been performing for over 12 hours, Nyki Flyin gave us this beautiful performance of her song "You Don't Know".  here is that video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nkCDDvndSU


Native Origin

 Who would have guessed that the freshest sound in dance music could come from an artist who takes it back to the old school? The name Native Origin may be new to electronic music fans, but his music speaks for itself. Whether crafting beats or building a set, the Denver DJ and producer draws from a multitude of genres to result in an style all his own.

When Native Origin got his start DJing in the late ‘90s, ravers could go to an underground party expecting to hear multiple types of electronic music. In an era in which producers follow fads more than ever before, he’s made it his mission to revive the old vibe. All genres are welcome in Fresh & Paid Records, the new label he inaugurated with 28 Nights, his debut EP as a solo artist. 

Music on the West Steps

Matt Butler

Matt Butler is a singer/songwriter from New York. Parting with the punk and garage rock of his past, Butler’s heart and voice have found a new home in the world of Americana.  What resulted was Reckless Son, a poignant confession of Butler’s struggle with alcoholism and addiction and his inspiring path to recovery. Reckless Son was released to critical acclaim on Sept. 9th, 2016. Immediately following the release, Butler wrote and performed ‘Just One’, the original song for the feature length and nationally distributed documentary Generation Found. The film portrays the devastating effect the current drug and opiate epidemic has had on adolescents in and around Houston, TX, and the unprecedented way in which the community has rallied to support them. www.mattbutlerofficial.com

Michael Hornbuckle

Michael Hornbuckle has been bringing blues and rock music to people for 18 years. Homegrown in the Mile High City, as was his father, legendary bluesman Bobby Hornbuckle who had Michael backing him on drums at 13. While Bobby's journey ended in 96', Michael took over the torch along with brother Brian (bass).
Inheriting Bobby's old gibson 335, the brothers began working wherever, whenever, and cutting their first recording. In 1998 "Pass The Torch" was released. It's a raw, respected blues/rock album including; original cuts, covers such as Creams' version of Outside Woman Blues, and a tip of the hat to the man who passed on his love for blues, with a Bobby Hornbuckle original, Down In The Valley.  www.hornbucklemusic.com

Stephen Ray Watts

Colorado resident Stephen Ray Watts is an accomplished jazz saxophone player and a founding member of the band "Dotsero" 


Talent on the West Steps

Rubber Planet

Authentic Rock and Roll from Denver Colorado.  What's in a name? In the world of rock and roll, a lot. Remember Ned's Atomic Dustbin? What about Nuclear Valdez? Uh-huh, that's what we thought. Some may be inclined to avoid an outfit with a goofy name like Rubber Planet just on principle, but think of the tasty fruit beneath a kiwi's unattractive, hair-laden exterior. Listeners will soon discover that underneath Rubber Planet's ill-conceived moniker are spoonfuls of succulent, guitar-driven pop ditties delivered by a cat named Silver...Westword

9's a Pair

9's a Pair is a captivating, high energy, professional, and fun band composed of Denver Firefighters and Emergency Responders. We honor ER's today.  The group has been performing throughout Colorado for over 5 years and presents a broad perspective of Classic Rock music from the 60's to present day.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D7zQUoL9jghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D7zQUoL9jg

West Steps Line-Up

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Recovery Takes Practice - Come Practice With Us

September is Recovery Month -Download The Surrounded App

National Recovery Month

Sober is Sexy

Each September, PCA hosts a social event to acknowledge and celebrate Recovery Month. We are learning that people who are new to recovery struggle the most with social activities and support. This year we will celebrate at the Colorado State Capitol on Saturday 9/16/17 from 9am until 1pm. We hope that the many diverse Colorado recovery communities will all stop by our events and provide living proof that recovery works and we still have a damn good time!

We Are All Recovery Coaches

Recovery Coaches are “peers.” This means that they have “been there.” They have experienced the struggles, successes, joys, and hope of the recovery process. These individuals know how important it is to have a support system that includes emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support. They know how important it is that friends and family know what the person in recovery is going through so that they can help in the process. Lucky for us, many of us love music!

Enough Hope and Joy to Go Around

Recovery brings freedom. Over the last decade, Colorado has felt the sting of these deadly drugs take hold of many local users. In addition to the rise in drug-related crimes, opiate abuse has led to countless overdoses and even deaths in every county in our state alone. PCA is committed to bring recovery values and warm hellos to those in our community who struggle. We found hope and must give it away. 

Matt Butler's 1st Performances in Denver

Matt Butler is a singer/songwriter from NYC whose song "Just One" was selected as the soundtrack for Generation Found an award winning documentary about the original recovery high school in Texas. He brings his experience, strength, and hope to one of our Sage Partners on Friday 9/15 and then performs at The State Capitol on 9/16 for Surrounded. www.mattbutlerofficial.com

Surrounded by Support

Colorado Supports Recovery

1) CeDAR 

2) Young People in Recovery 

3) Stout Street Foundation  

4) mTx 

5) We Work for Health 

6) Peer Coach Academy Colorado 

7) Red Rock Recovery Center 

8) MRW Recovery Coaching 

9) Denver Springs 

10) ARTS Methadone Program 

11) Denver Recovery Group  

12) Tribe Recovery 

13) Hornbuckle Foundation 

14) Sober Souls 

15) Springs Recovery Connection 

16) Clean Slate Recovery 

17) 18th Judicial PSC

18) Harm Reduction Action Center

19) Liver Health Connection 

20) NADA - Acupuncture 

21) Betty Ford Children’s Program  

22) New Beginnings 

23) Fair Chance Job Fair 

24) Cocaine Anonymous  

25) Climbing for Carleen  

26) Martinez Dental  

27) Colorado Federation of Families 

28) CCJRC 

29) Empowerment  

30) Second Chance Center 

31) Diamond Standard Events 

32) CAAP 

33) Marijuana Anonymous 

34) Colorado Coalition Vet Employment 35) Native Origin 

36) BHI  

37) Peaks Recovery 

38) Second Chance Center Colorado 39) Project Sanctuary 

40) CU Collegiate Recovery Center 

41) 5280 Recovery High School

42) Light of Hope

43) It Takes A Village

44) Western Colorado Recovery Community


Join The Fun

Join the growing list of Recovery Support options for Colorado.

Contact [email protected] if you would like to get a table at Surrounded and network with the recovery community in Colorado while we celebrate National Recovery Month. We are offering specials for non-profits to be present. 

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Peer Coach Academy is a registered Colorado 501C3. 

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Putting A Face On Recovery

As part of the 2nd Annual Surrounded by Recovery Event, PCA Colorado will be displaying pictures of

everyday people doing everyday things, because that is what recovery is...living life...working, playing,...just

people being a better people without being defined by their addiction.

PCA wants to put a face on recovery and we would like to include you in this exhibit dedicated to the millions

of men and women who live ordinary lives, while working on their recovery everyday…

...which is truly, an extraordinary achievement.

Please consider sending a picture and join our effort to remind our community that recovery is real.

Click on File to Download and Participate

Photo Exhibit Informational flyer- 2017 (pdf)


Trail Blazers

Irina Bogolomova

 Choice in Recovery is an organization that unites the many pathways to recovery in order to educate professionals in the field, and the public, about the existing options; empowering people to CHOOSE the recovery pathway that works for them.We are now hosting events for professionals in the field; educating counselors, therapists, probation officers, and students about the many pathways to recovery. We empower professionals, and those entering the field, to run a client-centered practice. www.choiceinrecovery.net

Merlyn Karst

 There are many people who have played and are playing a critical role in the New Recovery Advocacy Movement in America. One such person in Merlyn Karst. Merlyn’s advocacy career represents the multiple layers of this movement through his personal recovery story, his role in helping found a local recovery advocacy organization (Advocates for Recovery–Colorado) and his work at the national level. Merlyn’s involvement parallels the evolution of the national movement. He was with us at the seminal meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2001. He helped shape the Faces and Voices of Recovery organization and went on to serve as Chairman of the Board...William White 

Sheila Raye Charles

Sheila is the single motivating factor for the music fest this year.  She gave a surprise visit to Surrounded in 2016 and blew the socks off everyone at the Capitol that day. Sadly she succumbed to breast cancer on June 15, 2017. We honor her memory with a magnification of what she gave to our Recovery Month- The gift of music. 

Pioneering The New Normal

Dr. Sarah Rowan

Dr. Rowan is the Associate Director of HIV and Viral Hepatitis Prevention at Denver Public Health and Assistant Professor in the Divisions of Infectious Diseases and General Internal Medicine at Denver Health and the University of Colorado Hospital. Her clinical time is mostly spent providing HIV, hepatitis C, and STD care. Dr. Rowan’s research interests involve HIV and hepatitis C epidemiology, engagement in care, and health disparities. She oversees programmatic efforts to end the HIV and hepatitis C epidemics in the Denver Metro area.  

Sean Ashee Taylor

Sean Ahshee Taylor was born in Springfield Massachusetts but grew up primarily in Denver Colorado. In the late eighties, at the age of 17, Sean got himself into serious trouble and was sentenced to life in prison. Upon his incarceration, he began a journey of bettering himself. After serving 22 years within the Department of Corrections the outgoing Governor, Bill Ritter Jr., commuted Sean’s life sentence and he was released from prison. This former Gang Banger and Lifer is now the Deputy Director and Certified Fitness Instructor for the Second Chance Center.  

Melissa Mouton

Melissa Mouton, MD, MPH, is the founder of 5280 High School, a new high school coming to Denver Public Schools in Fall 2018 that includes a program for students in recovery from addiction. The Summit Program at 5280 provides high school students a learning environment that integrates the principles of recovery into their education and within a community of peers living in recovery. Before starting 5280, Melissa worked for Denver Public Schools as a Dean of Instruction and math teacher. She has over 9 years of experience in education. 

Dr. Lacey Berumen

  Dr. Lacey Berumen is a passionate advocate and researcher. Lacey has had an extensive career in behavioral health, spanning 25 years both nationally and internationally. She has worked at a variety of treatment settings inpatient, outpatient, military, correctional and research. Lacey is the Director of Behavioral Sciences at TRACKtech LLC as well as an Adjunct Faculty member at University of Phoenix-College of Social Sciences. Lacey is currently serving as a First Vice President for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and an international trainer for NBCC’s Mental Health Facilitator Program. 

Big T Hughes

We have Big Love for Big T and the work he does. The GMDMA is an outgrowth of the East Denver Ministers Alliance that was organized in the early 1940’s as a voice of hope for the disenfranchised and underprivileged Afro-American Community. GMDMA was a bridge that provided a pathway for the Black Community that had been held hostage between Downing and High Street from the 1930’s to the 1950’s, to migrate from High street to Steele Street and ultimately from Steele Street to the Park-Hill Community in the 1960’s to 1970’s. 

Judge Bonnie McLean

 Bonnie McLean graduated cum laude from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1995. In 1998 she was awarded a Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver. In 2015 she was appointed as District Court Judge and is the Presiding Judge for both the Domestic Relations docket and the Problem Solving Courts. She currently hears a domestic docket as well as all three problem solving courts and truancy court in Arapahoe County.  

We Have Big Love For These

Harm Reduction Action Center

 PCA will be conducting a shoe drive again this year to display at the Capitol. The number of overdose deaths increased again in 2016 and we want to bring awareness. You can donate $1 to HRAC and tie a balloon to a pair of shoes.  www.harmreductionactioncenter.org

Family Recovery

We know that family support can be a game-changer in recovery. PCA is working towards providing a "Recovery Basics" training for parents. We also know that families are the silent sufferers in this epidemic we face. We're stronger together.

Fair Chance Career Fair

Our colleagues at Fair Chance are holding a Felon welcome Job Fair at DU the week following Surrounded. You can pre-register for the job fair and get information at the Fest. www.careershare.org

Association of Recovery Community Organizations

PCA is now a member of the National Association of Recovery Organizations intended to connect to a national strategy of promoting recovery in our community.

About ARCO 

Putting A Face On Recovery

As part of the 2nd Annual Surrounded by Recovery Event, PCA Colorado will be displaying pictures of

everyday people doing everyday things, because that is what recovery is...living life...working, playing,...just

people being a better people without being defined by their addiction.

PCA wants to put a face on recovery and we would like to include you in this exhibit dedicated to the millions

of men and women who live ordinary lives, while working on their recovery everyday…

...which is truly, an extraordinary achievement.

We want you to participate. Scroll down to download the information sheet. 

Poetry for Personal Power

 We do health care messaging, artist entrepreneurship, and peer support.

We promote substance use recovery, mental health resilience, health insurance literacy, and other health topics at poetry slams. Artists build their business careers by tapping into the health care funding stream. Artist teams become peer support programs.

Peer support is good for substance use recovery, mental health, and criminal justice re-integration.  About P3


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