Effective Peer Supervision Training

Effective Peer Supervision Training

Develop a strategy for including peers on your workforce by offering them appropriate support. 

Develop a strategy for including peers on your workforce by offering them appropriate support. 

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Prevent - Remember -Recover

Recovery is a real option

 August 31 has been designated by the International Community to recognize the Overdose Epidemic and create awareness, dialogue, and hope for a change to this horrid growing trend. This year, some  Colorado partners have endeavored  to raise awareness in beautiful Pueblo by building an Ofrenda to honor those we have loved and lost. . Colorado experienced at least 692 overdose deaths in 2017. We are well on our way to pass that number in 2018. We invite you to place a photo, poem, or momento on the ofrenda and celebrate the life of your loved one. The Ofrenda will travel to a few galleries around Pueblo until Day of the Dead. 

Recovery Works

We Are All Recovery Coaches

Life Begins Anew in Recovery often with friends. We need new social support. Often we can find our new life with the help of a recovery coach. Recovery coaches are “peers.” This means that they have “been there.” They have experienced the struggles, successes, joys, and hope of the recovery process. These individuals know how important it is to have a support system that includes emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support. They know how important it is that friends and family know what the person in recovery is going through so that they can help in the process. Lucky for us, many of us love music!

Enough Hope and Joy to Go Around

Recovery brings freedom. Over the last decade, Colorado has felt the sting of these deadly drugs take hold of many local users. In addition to the rise in drug-related crimes, opiate abuse has led to countless overdoses and even deaths in every county in our state alone. PCA is committed to bring recovery values and warm hellos to those in our community who struggle. We found hope and must give it away. 

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